Anonymous asked: can u recommend ig that has awesome and cool posts :)

i really like camiriema hehe check it out

Anonymous asked: i love u but at the same time i hate u

hush little baby don’t say a word 

Anonymous asked: I miss you baby! *hug and kiss you sa lips*

i miss you too aww

Anonymous asked: on the scale of 1-10 how good are you in math

well i can count as high as 10, is that good enough

Anonymous asked: y are u so attractive carlos


Anonymous asked: Kung nag ba- banda ka parin diyan sa san beda.

ohhhh haha sorry and no, if I’m gonna be on a band, the condition is is that the members are the people from my own original band from Highschool hehehe 

Anonymous asked: R u still engaged in band there at beda?

im sorry what

Anonymous asked: Ohmy taga SBCA ka? Small world! :o

hahaha yes and how small exactly

Anonymous asked: Where are you studying for college? :)

beda beda beda beda fight fight fight fight

Anonymous asked: why did u choose sbca?

nearest legit college from where i live, credible college, also i failed all other entrance exams i took hehehe