Anonymous asked: update your blog naaa

Patience my love

Hey. Life’s been getting in the way of my blogging like never before. I apologize for the crappy little updates/answered asks/ scenario. Right now, I just feel like a twig being carried by a tsunami wave that doesn’t stop and I just can’t really even. If it does any difference, I am thrilled to have it all told in this little corner of the Internet I own in due time. My life is leaps and bounds cooler/stressful-er than it was and all I ask from you, who chose and still chooses to remain with me, is patience. Plus, my 18th birthday is a few months away so allow me to consider your loyalty to my blog as a coming-of-age present. In lieu of my blogging hiatus, do follow my instagram account because of all my social media stuff, I’m most active there. He he. Also, it would be nice if you’d take the time to leave a message, I’d love to hear about whatever you feel like sharing with me. I’ll be sure to have you know about my comeback very soon. x

PS If it’s your birthday, happy birthday!

Anonymous asked: Hey there, Joffrey. huhuhuhu why must you look like Gleeson


Anonymous asked: you look very much like joffrey of GoT (im pretty sure many have told you this hihi)

Well yeah i probably dont in person(?) hehe ›


These days

i’ve been looking

for so many things

and finding ways

to get a hold of them

without really knowing why

i’m trying so hard

to achieve something

that’s not even needed

in the first place

I wonder how

one is always on the quest

to find things

that mostly…

[Spoiler Free] ROTTEN PLUMS REVIEW: X-Men: Days of Future Past

Note: As most of you may know, I happen to be quite the busy bee lately, what with all these adulthood stuff I’ve recently just taken responsibility of and so with that in mind, excuse me for not consuming a margin of my day to exert the usual effort I give to make my blogposts hopefully appear visually engaging. As you, I presume, have already gathered, this review will be entirely textual. Hehe.

Prior to the review proper, let me commence by saying that I am very pleased with how the aforementioned film turned out to be. I’ve been an avid fan of the movie franchise before I even made it to elementary school. As a young boy, I’ve always been entranced by the supernatural and of course, for a kid, the coolest sort of the supernatural are superheroes and the X-Men particularly has a special place in my hypothalamus. I don’t believe I had any standards set for the films as I was growing up and so for quite a time, I was able to convince myself that the X-Men trilogy was compelling, epic, and just crazy good. Eventually though, I developed quite the interest in films, binge-watching all the films I could on a weekly scale—my personal best record is 28 films for one week—and in the process awakening me out of oblivion and therefore taking my standards to new heights and the inevitable realization, by and by, struck me: the X-Men trilogy(as well as the two Wolverine spin-offs altogether) is horrendous. Some time after, thankfully, my faith in the franchise was redeemed when I saw X-Men: First Class which I won’t be expounding about any further.

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Anonymous asked: Have you told your parents already, Kuya? :)

i told them im taking an exam in csb next sem to calm them down hahahahahaha #butofcourseiactuallywont

Anonymous asked: Do you know blogs that are similar to yours? In which the bloggers write the way you write? Or those who are fluent in english?

i really like right now hehe go check her out

Anonymous asked: is ur decision okay with ur parents?

i havent told them yet :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Anonymous asked: wala ka na ba talagang balak magaral?

well, never say never, but right now i really have no intention to get a college degree, maybe when im 70 or something il consider it