Reasons Why I Didn’t Pass Ateneo

  • Ateneo couldn’t handle this.
  • Overqualified. 
  • I was not meant to be an Atenista. I was meant to be Brad Pitt.
  • I submitted a 2x2 photo of myself in the application form, and that photo, was unfortunately and originally from my modeling portfolio, hence, the administrators were insecure and threatened by me. Tip Of Advice: If you’re sexy-looking, uglify your 2x2 shot if you plan to apply in Ateneo.
  • I’m too hot(practically almost like an arsonist), the university might burn and well, they didn’t want to risk that.
  • Also, it’s very inappropriate for me to be considered as an ‘eagle’… mainly because I’m a griffin so ADMU, eat my magical dust.
  • As I say every now and then, I am a wizard and some muggles are just inconsiderate magicists(it’s like ‘racist’ but it refers to us magical beings).
  • I’m too exceptional to be in Ateneo.
  • I’m too exceptional to be in college.
  • Quite frankly, I’m too exceptional to even be exceptional.
  • Am I making sense? 
  • Bye.
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