Badass From The Start To The End

That’s the boys’s lineup for the graduation procession outside the venue. And yes, that is me in the white pants and navy blue Lee Cooper sneakers. I didn’t know my graduation was going to be ‘that’ formal so I stuck to my taste and comfort and went with that. Besides, I despise heeled leather shoes, and I knew damn well that if I went with those, my feet would be bleeding. Ironically enough, I’m the white sheep out of the black herd… everyone else was wearing the same black trousers with a newly polished pair of leather shoes. I hate rules and I love the feeling I got breaking them. 

Anyway, from that shot, we were just moments away from the death march to college. Our emotions were surely mixed that night. My batch is one happy family and together, we cross our fingers that it would remain that way for as long as we live. I’m not going to follow this with details because I know this is a memory that would be very difficult to forget, even by a forgetful egghead such as myself.

"It’s the end of our Highschool life, but it is not the end of our Highschool friends."

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