Carlos Pablo And The Deathly Hallows Part 2… Expereience : Part 4

The book has reached it’s last words… it was the moment.The moment to take a deep breath and realize that maybe, Harry Potter is finally on the last chapter.The last chapter might not dwell in our welcoming mind… but the legacy will remain in our hearts, endearingly… infinitely. :)

I remember when I was about five years old, or maybe six.Watching Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone had me in awe.A new world has been introduced to me.A world that I’ll always remember visiting.It was magic, that cannot even be erased by a spell of “Obliviate”.A memory that I’ll always keep within me.

The years go by, and I was still on the journey with Harry, Hermione, Ron, and his other precious friends.And now, the journey has concluded.I’ll never forget the fact that it is “Leh-vi-OH-sa”.I’ll never forget the code to The Chamber Of Secrets.The laugh of Bellatrix? The epic Tri-Wizard competition and the other schools.Dumbledore’s Army and the friendship made upon it, and also the bad-ass-ness of the twins.The ingenuity of Snape.The Tale Of The Three Brothers, and the epic Battle Of Hogwarts.The victory of good against evil. :D

Thank you Harry Potter for your bravery.Hermione Granger for your utter intelligence.Ronald Weasley for your… red hair… I mean, humor.Luna Lovegood, for your never-ending smile.Neville Longbottom, for your loyalty.Fred And George, for your free-spirit.Ginny, for your tender love and care.Albus Dumbledore, for your wisdom and guidance.Severus Snape, for… your greatness.Professor Minerva McGonagall for being… Professor McGonagall.Molly Weasley, for your motherly love.Draco Malfoy, for turning against evil in the end.And for the rest of all of you.I applaud you, a biggest thank to all of you.You have widely contributed to my magical childhood.

Joanne Kathreen Rowling… thank you.Thank you for your creativity.For creating this world and welcoming us to it.For introducing a world of… awesomeness.I’ve learned so much values.You have played a huge role for my childhood, and I couldn’t have asked for a better childhood. :)

Most especially, to God.Thank you for just… everything.

It was rather odd.During and after the movie, I did not shed a single tear.Well, I had a teary eye.But, I expected a burst of tragic emotions… but no, it didn’t happen.I was happy, I was thankful, I wasn’t depressed like a theorized myself in.I was joyful.I guess I’m done crying… after all those night of teardrops, I guess, I’m out of tears.It was just… a memory of happiness. :)

I’ll never forget this, kudos to the amazing cast.A special shoutout to Celina, David, Jhana, Nikki, Yngrid, Nikko, Girl, Ysabel, Sir Michael.Just… thank you heaps.I raise my wand to all of you(wait, that sounded wrong).Anyway, LUMOS!

The magic will never end. ϟ

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